Elizabeth Tunnard


Elizabeth has a background in education and has a wide range of experience, including teaching experience within three schools in Sheffield, all of which were in areas of social disadvantage. She has also been headteacherin two local authorities, having been a primary headteacher in a range of schools including inner-city schools, highly disadvantaged areas, a village school and a CoE school in a more affluent area. She has experience of working in schools with high levels of pupils with English as an additional language. Elizabeth has worked as a local authority primary adviser, serving as a primary school adviser in Derbyshire, an associate heateacher, primary school adviser, senior adviser and principle advisor in Sheffield as well as being a principle adviser in North Somerset. When undertaking these roles she worked with schools on school improvement issues, led the team of primary advisers in the local authority and gained accreditation as a School Improvement Partner and Ofsted Inspector. Elizabeth is also the director of Education Forward Ltd based in Sheffield, in this role she works with a number of local schools on headteacher performance management and school improvement issues. She also has wide-ranging experience as a school governor, including being chair of governors at a primary special school, serving as a member of an interim executive board and has gained accreditation as a Local Leader in Governance, through which she has supported two primary school governing bodies. She also represents special schools on the local Governors Partnership and Policy Group, the Schools’ Forum and the Sheffield Association of School Governing Bodies.

David Gough


David has been involved with school governance for nearly 10 years. He began his career at Norwich Union before transferring to HSBC Bank, where he spent 12 years as a coach, trainer and manager. In 2006 he retrained for two years to enter the priesthood and was ordained in the Church of England in 2008. He worked as a curate in the Park area of Sheffield and was a constant presence in the Wybourn community and within the primary school both as a governor and friend to the school. For the last 5 years David has been Vicar in the community of Woodhouse and on the governing body of Woodhouse West Primary school, for the past 4 years he has been chair of governors. David also serves on the governing bodies at Brunswick Community Primary school and Emmanuel Junior Academy. He has a broad depth of understanding of how schools work and of governance as well as a heart for communities in Sheffield, particularly in areas of deprivation and need.

Debbie Mathews


Debbie Mathews has been the Chief Executive of Manor and Castle Development Trust (MCDT) from 2005. MCDT is a charitable company which was established in 1997 to deliver the first community led Single Regeneration Budget programme. MCDT has 64 staff and a turnover of around £2m and approximately £7m of assets including shops, flats, land and the Quadrant, our prestigious managed workspace. MCDT delivers a range of local services including public health, employment, training, learning and positive activities for children and young people, including young people with Learning Development Difficulties, coordination of the volunteers in Park Library, and we run a nursery in Woodthorpe alongside delivering support to many families.

Mike Allen

Member & Chair of Trustees

Mike Allen has been a school governor in Sheffield since 2000 and has experience of education at a national level, both as a senior civil servant and later as a consultant working for the predecessor organisations of the DfE and its agencies, including the Higher Education Funding Council, the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, the Learning and Skills Council, OFSTED and a range of universities and colleges. He was professionally trained in Information Technology, however he later specialised in developing and applying forms of programme management to the delivery of strategic and policy objectives. His focus was managing change based on engaging stakeholders at all levels and developing a shared understanding of desired outcomes and potential risks.

In 1997 Mike co-founded a consultancy company, Oakleigh Consulting, offering change and programme management support to organisations in both the private and public sectors, the company grew to turn over £10 million. In addition he has been a Director of a joint publishing venture between The British Computer Society and Oxford University Press, BDCL, the management Consultancies Agency and Wildscapes (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sheffield Wildlife Trust). Mike is currently also a director at Learn Sheffield. He has also been a trustee of several charities, including the British Computer Society and the Sheffield Wildlife Trust, chairing the Finance and Audit Committees within each. As a member of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologies, Mike was one of the founders of the successful Hammersmith Academy. Having retired in 2011, Mike has devoted more time to school governance in Sheffield, and is currently a Local Leader of Governance. He is also a member of the executive committee of the Sheffield Association of School Governing Bodies and regularly attends the Governors’ strategy and policy meetings with the LA.

Keith Crawshaw

Member & Deputy Chair of Trustees

Keith is currently Chair of Wybourn Primary and has been a school governor in the city for approaching 30 years during which time he has led as Chair two school mergers. He has recently served on an IEB; Chair of the Sheffield Association of School Governing Bodies for the last 6 years; Deputy Chair of the Schools Forum and also the City Wide Learning Body from 2012-15. He maintains a strong personal interest in early years. Prior to retirement he was a local authority chief leisure/cultural services officer for 15 years during which time he served on a number of regional and national boards and had responsibility for a budget in excess of £25m pa and a large and diverse staffing complement. His working life involved considerable experience of charity and company structures with the move of council services being delivered through charitable trust/company limited by guarantee vehicles. Currently a board member of Manor & Castle Development Trust, Deputy Chair of the Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust, Chair of the Ken Hawley Collection Trust and serves as Treasurer of an industrial provident society within South Yorkshire.

Derek Grover


Derek Grover has been chair of governors at Broomhill Infant School Sheffield since 2010 and vice-chair at Norfolk Park Special School since 2015. He is an accredited National Leader of governance and in that capacity has worked with the governing bodies of a number of Sheffield schools. He is retired from his career as a civil servant. He was a director of the Department for Education for 14 years, latterly as Director of Adult Learning. He is a member of the Sheffield Diocesan Board of Education, responsible for the Anglican Church's schools in the Sheffield Diocese, a Trustee of the Open College of the Arts and Chair of the Sheffield Association for the Voluntary Teaching of English. He is a qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Craig Dillon


Craig Dillon joined Sheffield Park Academy in 2007 as Assistant Principal. The academy was one of the first tranche of 60 academies, which were originally conceived as a means to 'fresh-start' struggling schools in communities with significant deprivation indicators. Craig was appointed Acting Principal in 2012 and led the academy through a 'good' OFSTED inspection in 2013. Since then the academy has consistently been amongst the highest performing schools in the country for pupil progress and has received recognition for the attainment of 'disadvantaged' pupils. Craig was appointed Executive Principal of Sheffield Park and Sheffield Springs academies in May 2016 and is committed to raising standards and enhancing the life chances of all of the children in our community as a part of the SSELP collaboration.

Marie Lowe


Marie has a wide range of educational and school improvement experience having previously fulfilled roles as a Headteacher, Ofsted inspector and Local Authority Principal Primary Advisor. Marie has also been the National Strategy Manager and Improving Schools Programme (ISP) Manager, responsible for a team of 15 school improvement consultants and accountable to the DfE. Marie has also undertaken the role of School Improvement Partner, been an external adviser and headteacher performance management consultant and is the strategic lead for the nationally acclaimed, city-wide literacy strategy “Every Sheffield Child Articulate and Literate”. Marie is a member of the national advisory team for the National Literacy Trust and the Communication Trust whilst also being an improvement partner and core team member at Learn Sheffield. Marie is also a strategic partner for Sheffield South East Learning Partnership (SSELP).

Paul Stead


Paul Stead has been the Managing Director and shareholder of a business employing 40 staff for over 25 years. He has a masters degree in business administration (MBA) and is the vice chair of governors at Pipworth Community Primary School where he has served as a governor for over 18 years. In addition Paul is also a governor at his daughter’s high school in Derbyshire.

Joanne Bradshaw

Trustee/Executive Principal

Joanne is an experienced and highly effective head teacher and school leader with significant experience in school improvement support and in working within and alongside schools needing support.